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Best Contours Double Stroller | Contours Elite V2 Stroller 2024

As a parent of twins or siblings close in age, you know how tough it can be to find a stroller that comfortably fits two kids. A double stroller that maneuvers smoothly and has features tailored to your family’s needs is critical to making outings less stressful. With so many options on the market, choosing the best double stroller for your lifestyle can be overwhelming.

But have no fear; we’ve put together this guide to our top picks for Contours double strollers, known for their innovative designs focused on comfort and functionality for both parent and child. We’ll cover the key features of models like the Contours Elite V2 and what sets them apart so you can find your perfect fit.

Whether you’re looking for a side-by-side double, lightweight stroller or one loaded with storage, you’ll find the ideal Contours stroller for your growing family here.

Contours Double Stroller Cost/Price in 2024

Model Price Quality Features
Contours Curve® V2 $524.99 Luxury 6-wheel design for easy steering and 360° turning
Contours Element® Convertible $674.99 Premium Reversible seats, adjustable leg rests, zippered extensions on canopies, large storage basket
Contours Legacy® Convertible $374.99 Value Reversible seats, one-hand reclining, extra-large storage basket
Contours® Options® Elite V2 $374.99 Feature-rich Reversible seats, adjustable handle, quilted seats, parent cupholder
Contours® Options® V2 $449.99 Versatile Reversible seats, multiple configurations, ample storage space

Best OPtions Contours Double Stroller

Contours Options Elite

The Contours Options Elite is Contours’ most popular double stroller and provides the most features for your money. It has all the basics, like reclining seats, large canopies, and a storage basket. It also has premium features like an adjustable handlebar, parent trays, and MP3 speakers. The Elite gives you seven seating configurations so your little ones can sit facing you, forward, or facing each other. It has a sturdy but lightweight aluminum frame and accommodates children up to 40 pounds per seat. The Elite is a great all-purpose double stroller for everyday use.

Contours Curve

The Contours Curve is a more compact and budget-friendly double stroller option. It features reclining seats, locking front swivel wheels for easy maneuvering, and a storage basket. However, the Curve lacks some of the extra features of the Elite, like the parent trays and adjustable handlebar. The Curve is best if you’re looking for an affordable double stroller for shorter outings.

Contours Venture

The Contours Venture is Contours’ most lightweight double stroller, weighing under 30 pounds. It’s designed for ultimate portability and folds up compactly. The Venture features reclining seats, locking swivel wheels, and a storage basket but has minimal extra features. The Venture is best if your top priority is an easy-to-transport double stroller for travel or quick trips around town where you have limited storage space.

contours double stroller
contours double stroller

In summary, Contours has a double stroller for every need. Whether you want maximum features for everyday use, a compact stroller on a budget, or an ultra-lightweight model for travel, Contours has you covered with safe, stylish, and reliable double strollers.

Top Contours Double Stroller Quality

Regarding double strollers, Contours has some of the best options for families with twins or children close in age. Two of their top models for 2024 are:

The Contours Bliss is a great compact double stroller ideal for navigating stores and tight spaces. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, adjustable seats that recline nearly flat for napping, and extensive canopies to shield your little ones from sun and wind. The narrow design makes it easy to steer and maneuver through narrow aisles.

For all-terrain use, the Contours Elite Tandem Stroller is a fantastic choice. It has rugged, air-filled tires that handle bumpy paths with ease. The front seat reclines fully while the back seat reclines to nearly flat so one child can nap while the other sits up. Each seat has its own canopy, snack tray, and cup holder. An extra large storage basket underneath provides room for bags, toys, and supplies.

The Elite Tandem maneuvers well and folds up compactly for storage in your vehicle. If you have twins or children very close in age, the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller is ideal. It has two fully reclining seats so both children can nap simultaneously. Various seating configurations allow the seats to face forward, backward, or towards each other. It steers easily for its size and has adjustable leg rests, padded harnesses, and extra storage space.

The Options Elite is more comprehensive than other Contours double strollers, so measure doorways and check isles before purchasing. No matter which Contours double stroller you choose, you can count on high-quality components, versatile features, and stylish designs that make strolling with two children as enjoyable as possible. By selecting a stroller based on your family’s specific needs, you’ll have a trusted companion for adventures together for years.

Key Features of the Contours Double Stroller

The Contours double stroller has several valuable features that make it a top choice for families with twins or children close in age. Reclining Seats The roomy seats independently recline to multiple positions so each child can sit upright, recline slightly, or lie nearly flat. This is ideal for naps on the go or adjusting for each child’s comfort. The straps and buckles also adjust for safety and comfort at different recline angles.

Extra Storage

Storage pockets are on the back of each seat, perfect for snacks, toys, bottles, or diapers. There is also a large storage basket under the stroller for more significant items like blankets, bags, and shopping items. The parent cup holder and tray give you a spot for your phone, keys, and drink.

All-Wheel Suspension

The stroller has an all-wheel suspension for a smooth ride over bumps, curbs, and uneven terrain. Air-filled tires provide stability and help the stroller handle well. The front wheels can lock for jogging or swivel for easy maneuvering.

Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar adjusts to several heights to suit parents of different statures. This makes pushing and steering the stroller comfortable for both short and tall caregivers. Compact Fold Despite its size, the Contours double stroller folds compactly for storage and transport. It folds with one hand into a freestanding fold and automatically locks closed. The Fold is narrow enough to fit through standard doorways, and the stroller stands when folded.

Variety of Colors

The Contours double stroller comes in bold, bright colors and neutral tones to suit any taste or style. Color options include ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, and carbon gray. The Contours double stroller is a smart choice for families with twins or children close in age with high-quality components, useful features for comfort and convenience, and affordable prices. It keeps both riders happy while making it easy for parents to head out for adventures together.

The Benefits of Choosing a Contours Double Stroller

Double strollers are a must for twins or two young children close in age. Contour strollers are highly rated for seating two children comfortably while being compact and easy to maneuver. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing a Contours double stroller:

Comfort and Recline

The Contours strollers provide padded seats that recline to nearly flat, ideal for newborns or napping toddlers. The seats can face forward, backward, or inward so the children can see each other. The canopies offer full coverage to block sun and wind. Your little ones will appreciate how cozy they feel in a Contours stroller.

Ease of Use

Contour strollers have lightweight aluminum frames, foam handles, and rubber tires for pushing two children effortlessly. The narrow design fits through standard doorways, and the strollers fold compactly for storage or transport in a vehicle. Brakes lock both rear wheels simultaneously with a single step. Adjustable leg rests, 5-point harnesses, and extra storage provide convenience for parents and children.


With Contours strollers, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your children are secure and protected. The harnesses, locking brakes, and sturdy but lightweight frames are engineered for safety. Most models also have rear wheel suspension for a smooth ride, and some offer one-hand folding for safer stroller collapsing.


For value, features, and quality, Contours double strollers are affordable, ranging from $150 to $500 depending on the model. They are an excellent investment for growing families and will provide years of use through multiple children. Contours frequently runs sales and promotions on their website and through major retailers that sell their products.

Choosing a Contours double stroller means getting one that will keep your little ones happy and secure for years at a price that fits your budget. The benefits of their comfort, ease of use, safety, and affordability make Contours a top choice for transporting twins or close-in-age siblings.

Contours Double Stroller FAQs

Many new parents have questions about the famous Contours double strollers. Here are some of the most frequently asked ones:

What is the weight limit for the Contours double strollers?

The weight limit for most Contours double strollers is 70 to 100 lbs per seat, so around 35 to 50 lbs per child. The heavier Elite and Options strollers can hold up to 50 lbs per seat. Always check the specific model for its limits before purchasing.

Do the seats recline?

Yes, the seats on all Contours double strollers recline to nearly flat so your little ones can nap comfortably. The Elite models offer multi-position reclining seats with a mesh backing for breathability.

Are the strollers easy to fold and unfold?

Contour double strollers are designed for convenience. They feature a one-hand fold mechanism to collapse the stroller quickly. The folding process is straightforward but may require some practice at first. Unfolding the stroller requires releasing the fold lock or strap, developing the frame, and locking the front wheels.

Do the strollers have storage space?

Contour double strollers provide ample storage for diaper bags, snacks, toys, and other essentials. They have large storage baskets under the seats and mesh pockets in the canopy or seat backs for smaller items. Some models also have parent cup holders and trays.

Are car seat adapters available?

Contours offers infant car seat adapters for major brands like Graco, Chicco, Britax, and Peg Perego. The adapters allow you to securely attach your infant’s car seat to the stroller so you can use the stroller from birth. Check which car seat brands are compatible with your specific Contours stroller model.

What types of tires do the strollers have?

Most Contours double strollers have durable rubber tires for a smooth ride on various terrains. The Options Elite stroller features all-terrain air tires for maximum comfort. Never inflate the tires past the recommended PSI, usually around 20 to 25 PSI. This could cause damage to the stroller.


So there you have it – a rundown of the best Contours double strollers to keep your twins or siblings rolling comfortably. We covered the key features to look for and the top-rated models like the Options Elite and Options LT. Test drive a few to see what feels suitable for your family’s needs and budget.

With the ability to click on and off seats and customize storage, Contours makes it easy to find the perfect fit. Wherever your parenting journey takes you, a Contours double has got you covered times two. Stay safe on the road ahead, and enjoy those precious moments together!

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